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- Materials:

1. 0.25" A2 tool steel, 1.75 oz.
2. 0.375" Brass, 3 oz.
3. 0.35” Titanium, 1.125 oz. 

Tool dimensions:

Length 3.5"Width 1" at the widest point and 0.75" at the "handle"
Pry tip 0.132" wide 0.25", 0.375" and 0.437"

Hex wrenches:

The 3/8" hex is also a bottle opener
The addition of the fuller and large jimping allows for better grip and comfort when using the tool.

Finishes available:

A2- Blackened tumbled 
Brass- Stone washed or aged
Ti- Stone washed, blackened, blasted and tumbled

Pocket pry tool

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